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Default Re: Snap 4500 HD upgrade not showing total capacity in usable space

Originally Posted by JBPuterguy
A thought on the capacity, I know that Adaptec shipped these units with the 320s but is there a limit somewhere that I have to eliminate? I am very sure that they are 320Gb drives but they do seem to register the usable space as if they where 250s. It is showing them as 320s under the drives screen.
Nope, in fact I have installed 500's and 750's in the 4500 (no modification or settings required).

Do the FULL CLEAN INSTALL and see what happens.

Steps to perform a FRESH INSTALL on the Snap Server.

NOTE: This will destroy all data and server settings on the Snap server.

At the DEBUG CONSOLE window (http://YourSnapServerName/admin/debug.cgi)
Enter the following command in the text field:

touch /nopivot

Press return

It will return a line

Reboot the snap server (Maintenance>Shutdown or Reboot)

Upon Reboot, the server will come up to Recovery Console in your web browser.
Recovery Console is indicated by the System LED alternating between amber and green.

At the RECOVERY CONSOLE screen, browse to your OS image (Recommended that this file be local on your workstation).

Note: The whole operation may take 10 minutes or more. Please be patient.
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All subject to change, day by day......
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