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Default Re: Snap 4500 HD upgrade not showing total capacity in usable space

When you did a 1 x 1 swap of the drives, the old structure and capacity was matched. The only way to get it back is a new clean Install.

Delete all data if any.
break the raid5 array
power down and remove all drives except drive 1.
Then do a clean install. (as indicated above)
Use the mfg HD utility to do a quick format of the 3 drives.
Once the clean install is done.
You can hot swap the drives in.
1 Snap 4500 - 1.0T (4 x 250gig WD2500SB RE), Raid5,
1 Snap 4500 - 1.6T (4 x 400gig Seagates), Raid5,
1 Snap 4200 - 4.0T (4 x 2gig Seagates), Raid5, Using SATA converts from Andy

Link to SnapOS FAQ's
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