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Default Re: Guardian OS units

Thanks for the quick response. I have actually found the sleds for the unit, so that part is taken care of, now I only need to get the GuardianOS handled. I assume that the unit does not respond with anything meaningful w/o some sort of OS. I had seen that the OS was only on the hard drive in 2 of the units that were made, of which the 4400 was not that type. In other words the 4400 had the OS in the Flash, but I guess that info was based on SnapOS and was not inclusive of the GuardianOS? I have tried on several occasions to register my units on Overlands website only to have the page after the submit fail with a .net database error. I guess a phone call will take care of that, but I hope they dont charge me for the initial call, since I could not do it on the website??? I dont want to be premature, but I may be able to aquire some more sleds if there are others interested, I just need to confirm that I can actually get any.
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