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Default Re: Guardian OS units

Originally Posted by sicko666
Thank you SaFeHeX you may have ended months of absolute hair pulling!
No problem mate, I just hope disabling your firewall will help you gain access.

For reference i was using windoze XP Pro and browser was firefox.

You may need to find out how to reset all the passwords to default etc to be able to actually log in properly BUT regardless of what the passwords are set to at the moment you should atleast be able to get the snap homepage/login page up to verify that it's there and potentially accessable.

I read you reset everything using the jumper links inside the unit. This may not be all that's needed to reset the GOS passwords and IP settings but i'm fairly sure there is a procedure posted on here somewhere for doing the appropriate resets. (I just can't remember what the procedure is off the top of my head or where i read it)

Rather than clutter up this thread with your particular problem i'll keep an eye on the 18000 thread that you have posted in and see how you get on in there.

Goodluck man.
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