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Originally posted by 96beakers

I like it.....A really nice simple idea....will you add another cold pipe for the back side of the 9700 or just bend the same pipe back on itself to cool the ram chips on the backside of the card...

I thought I'd add this link :

It's for a water block design on a 9700...would it work in a phase change situation..????
well yes i do have a second tube running which is attached with a y-type fitting to evenly split the coolant. so i wont over heat the last in line chips if i used one continuous piece of tubbing from front to back.with the way my chiller is running i will be able to supply the memory and gpu anywhere from -27c( gpu -50c pelt cooled ) to room temperture coolant to cool the card by slowing down my coolant flow.
i like the link you gave me, i had already been following the guys work.but i have one problem .since i have a mill i could easyly do what he did but.........i found the memory chips on the card are not perfectly in using a one piece type cooler one or some of the memory chips will not touch flat.and it is no way to compensate for all depends on the board manufactuing process and how well the board is made.
so the copper tubbing i made can be hand bent with some giveme perfect contact of all the momory chips.and on the card i am also cooling the memory voltage regulator which needs to be cooled also(it has a big impact on memory speed).
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