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well been a few my rma'ed board back from abit and decieded to mount it somehow and the i attached my cooling block to the video card and i have been real time benching and load testing.put in my old xp1800 palimano chip ran voltage to 1.95 and started it up.this is a old xp1800 one of the first that came out.bad overclocker and runs real hot.
but i did manage to run a couple of 15400 3d2001se runs at only 1700mhz..i didnt think that was too shabby.seams to be cooling good.if i set the unit to a little on the overcharged side the cpu evaperator is running -37c and the chiller is running -27c this is loaded and running 3d benches.the gpu is showing a temp of -18 to -20c on the gpu.that is with my 80 watt pelt running.
now if i lower the charge a little i get -47c cpu evaperator temps but my chiller will barely keep the coolant below 0c.but my gpu is still running -10c or so because of the pelt.this is running 3d2001 wide open.

here is a pic of all the hoses and temperary hook up.
xp2800barton@2712 226x12 dual bank 2x256 twinmos pc3200 8RDA epox full mods.vdd,vdimm,vcore.
custom r502 cooled unit.CPU running @-18C GPU -21C Chipset -20c
only one like one case.
custom r502 cooling unit

3D2001SE 21315

3DMARK03 6659
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