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Originally posted by aenigma
What kind of cpu temperature are you getting loaded?
well i would like to know myself.......damm abit at7max2...... doesnt have the thermister in the socket like the old boards.
my old palimano xp1800 doesnt have temp diode built in.
so the new temp diode abit uses is under my neopreme socket about 3/16" away from my cpu.and since it is insulated from the neopreme patch i used in the socket it isnt reading to good.but it does show -2c in mbm.maybe this weekend i can swap out with a xp1700 tbred i have that has in chip i will get temp reading again.i didnt use the tbred because it is a cooler running chip.i wanted the hottest heat load i had to test with.but the palomano chip should be putting out close to 95 watts of heat at this speed and wattage
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only one like one case.
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