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Originally posted by aenigma
Hmmm I see, will you know you can just fill your socket with dielectric grease and still use your socket temp probe.Best thing is to use a compunurse touching the cpu.
well by friend you havent seen the lastest board out have you?they no longer use i thermistor that sticks up like everyone always all you get is a diode that is flush on the circuit all it does it measure the heat inside of the socket space not the chip when i use dielectric grease and insulation it actullay insulated the diode from the cpu chip temp.
and my simpson temp probe is almose touching the cpu die right now.but i did log into the bios today ,without the compressor running.that is how good my block is i can do that.about 3 minutes is what i have to play with .started the compressor on and watch the temp drop in the bios screen.and at 10f degrees the cpu core was showing 0c degrees. thats when my bios wont go any thats all i can do at the moment.
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