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well every one wants to see my loaded temps on the cpu so i switched out to a tbred cpu.and finaly got mbm to work and set the temps.i ran a stressing program to maximize heat output. max temp was -17c loaded measured in the cpu diode.if you look you will see the low was -24c that was at idle so i lost 7degrees between max load and block only lost 1 degree but that is probley about right.
-14c is the temp measure at the cpu socket under the grease and insulation pad,if you notice it only looses ant 3degrees from -17c to -14c because of the insulation it doesnt see the actually cpu die temps.
by the way chiller is at -24c and video peltier is showing -24 to -20c loaded temps while i was running the program.and also chilling the northbridge to a cool 5c or so .i regualte the north bridge temp buy adjusting the vavle and slowing the water flow from the chiller.
xp2800barton@2712 226x12 dual bank 2x256 twinmos pc3200 8RDA epox full mods.vdd,vdimm,vcore.
custom r502 cooled unit.CPU running @-18C GPU -21C Chipset -20c
only one like one case.
custom r502 cooling unit

3D2001SE 21315

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