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Originally posted by bowman1964
well i changed chips back out.put a xp1800 palamino core back under the block.did something stupid and now i have good temps..................................i acidently unplugged my condensor fans . i dont know how long.i noticed my temps were only -10c or so and i grabbed the sight glass and almost burned me.condensor was over 70c i quickly looked for the problem exspecting my lines to blow wide open any minute from the high pressure.i had bumped the connecter from the power supply to the fans while i was checking voltages as i was benching my system.i quickly reconnected the fans and temps came down.after a couple of minutes i noticed my temps were back to a range i am used to seeing.idle after a startup was -31c showing in my windows mbm.i was adverageing -24c loaded but i will test more for that this week.the only thing i can think of is being warm in the evaperator caused my block to seat better into the chip.i use springs to hold tension from the evap block to motherboard.cpu is 1740mhz @1.95volts.and this one the ondie sensor is working.
also got video card finished except for repluming my hosing nightmare.r9700 was running 470 core and 374 memory i think?i am at work so tonight i will post a pic of temps and chilled video card .

I had teh same thing happen when I accidentally shut off my water pump! my best guess is that the TIM I'm using never gets above room temp and never has a chance to properly capallirize (is that a word?), course yours prolly never got that warm
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