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Fluke 17B+ ... the multimeter I've always wanted but THOUGH I couldn't afford?

Hey folks... been a long time since I posted here I guess!! I've recently started a new job, I'm now a repair technician servicing standby generators... The permanent ones outside homes and businesses...

I was going to buy a newer model Fluke 87... those suckers are almost $500!

So... theres a cheapie that I found from my favorite youtuber, AvE (check this guy out, AWESOME content) Fluke's 12E... That is one, of several, cheap DMMs that are only available in the chinese market.

Last night, I ordered one of the higher end china untis... the 17E+... Super excited, it arrives tomorrow from amazon... Mini review to follow Going to compare it to my friends 87 IIII

Full specs here!! BTW, buttons and on screen text are in ENGLISH but the printed manual it ships with & box are CHINESE! No problem, because these are pretty easy to use! and I'm sure English version is available on-line, but these meters are NOT sold in north america... That's why its sub $150 instead of $300+!


600 V Cat III safety rating
50% bigger display with bright white backlight
Over-voltage indicator
Frequency and temperature measurement
Voltage, resistance, continuity, capacitance
Input terminal for ac and dc current measurements to 10 A current
Diode test, data hold

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