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Re: A post for postings sake

This is actually a well known issue. Intel CPU do not support 4GB of memory on a 32-bit OS. You'll see this issue in Windows and most Linux implementations.

It IS possible to hack a patch to address it - but it can cause some instability.

AMD CPU do not suffer from this issue. If you have a Snap Server 500/600 series (All using AMD Opteron CPU) they can allocate all 4GB of memory.

The N2000 was a bridge platform and, you're correct, it's a bit more hardware than GOS was able to fully utilize at the time of release. Initially they were released with 2GB of RAM and had no 'official' upgrade path. Later revisions shipped with 4GB of RAM.

Initially Overland was going to allow the N2000 to run GOS 7.x but decided to go in a new direction with a unified platform refresh (DX Series) and as part of that effort the N2000 went into limbo. It could in theory support GOS 7.X (64-bit OS) and address a lot more memory, and even another CPU - but it would require some under-the-hood shuffling to defeat the OS 'trusted-platform' protection that is built in. This is also what prevents you from installing GOS on any regular server (along with the lack of drivers).
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