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Originally Posted by TbirdX
Modded my MCP600 today with partial success. Followed the instructions above but for some reason my readings pulse all over the shop, from a low of about 800 to a high of 21000. Not quite sure why that should be.

The cable runs are long though....maybe as much as 1 to 1 and a half metres from the 2803 to the fan header, (external radbox), and the sensor cable runs up along that length with the 12v power cable. Not sure if it's picking up something there maybe? Or could it just be a simple dodgy chip? It's one I salvaged from an old piece of kit laying about our workshop.

I can use what I have for my intended purpose, (emergency shutdown in case of pump failure) but it would be nice to have it right.

Anyone with any ideas greatly appreciated.
I don't think wire length has a large factor...
my wire is about 7 feet long...
As for power supply, I'm using a completly diffrent power supply to power the pump and 2803 in my rad box. Then I ran the wire to my PC CPU header on my MB.

The wire I am running from the 2803 to my MB fan header is 2 wire. Where the signal is connected to both the 2803 and the fan header(obviously),
but I have the second wire connected to ground at teh 2803 but not hooked up at the MB header.

So from your description the only reason it isn't working for you maybe non shielded signal wire but mine isn't realy shielded exactly.
So maybe something else is the problem?
Hope some of this info was helpful...
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