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Default Re: Chieftec big tower wc'ing in progress

Ben, Una - thk u for tryin to get me into that again, but ... gotta 2 yr old son that loves to spend my free time, and vice versa , the copper and the tools will wait a bit more

And, whats the point of makeing a WB for socket 939 LOL

RM5D - thx

The copper is 5 mm thick, and 4 yrs ago I simply couldnt find lexan here at all, a member of this forum sent me a nice piece of 1/2" by mail (big thx again BlackEagle ), thats the reason why I did the sandwich top for Radeon

Ill try to dig out the .cdr files of the blocks, gotta be somewhere on backup CDs, but cannot promise you how soon LOLL, gotta find those CDs first
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