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i really want to say thanks for helping me find some links on a temp unit.i am looking at the one on ebay real close.i am emailing the guy to find out how low it goes and it i need a thermistor or not.
i am at a point where i need to catch back up with my at $400.00 so far in just a i am going to slow down om my speeding a little.but really all i have left is the LED readout and aluminium angle and flat plate.i would have gotten the aluminium by now but the guy who is selling it to me has been on vacation this week.and he is going to bend and weld it up for brother by the way.he makes custom aluminium signs so he can bend and router out a perfect pc case.I showed him a pic of a LIAN LI case and he said no he is going to try to rough it in and i will finish the case with the chiler in the bottom
xp2800barton@2712 226x12 dual bank 2x256 twinmos pc3200 8RDA epox full mods.vdd,vdimm,vcore.
custom r502 cooled unit.CPU running @-18C GPU -21C Chipset -20c
only one like one case.
custom r502 cooling unit

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