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Wow. I didn't think anyone outside the ProCooling crowd would pick up on this. Thanks to all of you who are praying. MANY thanks.

Well, I am still in a state of mild shock from this whole stroke thing because who expects this at thirty? I have no idea how things are going to go from here, but I maybe I can help some of you out there: BE PREPARED. If you have a spouse, make sure to have an up to date will. Make sure that you have power of attorney in case your spouse is put down for the count. For instance, right now, I have no idea whether her signature is valid on some tax documents because I don't know if she's really competent to understand what she signed. But on the other hand, IRS gets really upset when you don't send things in.

Also, discuss what lengths you are willing to go to on revival. Are heroic measures OK? Don't get surprised by that question at (I think it was) 3:00am after not sleeping for four days.

It's surreal, let me tell you, and I'm still trying to adjust to the new reality. People offer to help by sending meals, and that helps... but who takes care of the kids for you? Who goes to work when you want to be with your wife at the hospital? I have mail to go through, bills to pay, housework to do, diapers to change, people to call, and I just want to crawl into a hole and then wake up with my wife being the same that she was. Ain't gonna happen. Thankfully, my church and my wife's friends are helping as they can, and it does help.

So, I just have to keep believing that all things will come to the greater good and some times are easier that others.

Anyway, I hope that helps someone out there that will go through something like this in the future. It happens, and you have to gut it out and keep moving. Don't ever do what I did and not sleep, though. If you have to ask for sleeping pills... DO IT. It doesn't help anyone if you aren't taking care of yourself.

Well, I guess that sounds really depressing, but there are good moments too. My wife is going into a rehab program that is supposed to help, and she can talk in sentences now even if she's easily confused. So, every day is better. Who knows how much better she'll get?
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