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For me it's a bit of a no-brainer, and it has to be the MCP600/AquaXtreme 50Z.

For 80mm/92mm/120mm heater-cores, the MCP600 is the pump you want to have.

For anything larger than a single BIX/BIP, grab a power-adapter for $30 and run the MCP600 at 13.8v. Even with much larger radiator setups all this does is bring the more powerful pumping solutions up to the MCP600 @ 13.8v's level, but they'll all be sucking so much more power to do so.

If Iwaki, or another company, made a 12VDC version of the 60Hz Iwaki MD-20RZ with the corresponding lower heat and more efficient DC motored operation, then that would be the one-size-fits-all pump with leading cooling performance for anything from a single BIP right up to a quad-fan monster radiator setup. The MCP600 @ 13.8v comes pretty close though. Just a little more oomph (~40% more pressure head) and it'd be absolutely perfect despite the small amount of extra power draw to do that. Problem with over-volting the MCP600 further is that it can't handle anything much more than 14.5v before the armature magnet "decouples" from the impeller and the pump stops pumping.

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