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Default Re: Unable to log into Snap 2000 from Vista

... and this is not the only problem! If you are bored, try to create a new folder or copy a folder using right-click "copy here" ...

I was wondering, why the process takes so much time.
And then I've seen the result.

By creating a new Folder I got: "new folder", "new folder (1)" to "new folder (xx)" and if I want to copy a folder I got "Testfolder - copy", "Testfolder - copy (1)" up to "Testfolder - copy (xxx)" - you have to kill the process by hand, nice loop to fill the harddrive ;-)

Slowly but surely I'm getting only two sollutions:

1) Sell my snap servers on ebay and buy a terastation
2) Sell my Vista, switch back to XP and migrate all clients at my network to linux in the near future.

Maybe there is another sollution: Please Adaptec give us an update for SnapOS ...
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