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Default Re: Anyone have a Snap 520? Upgraded it?

Originally Posted by bitor View Post
Great information, but can you go in to details and explain the procedure for this upgrade for others to flow?
Yes of course. (I was on a bussinesstrip, sorry about the delay.)

To get 1 TB drives running you need serial access to the unit:
A realy null modem cable (with hardware flow control) and a serial access program like putty. Settings are: 115200 / 8 / none / 1 / rts/cts

You first start the putty-like-programm and then the Snapserver with only one bootable (old) drive in the first (left) slot.
On the screen you see the Snap Server booting. Press <F4> for the CMOS-menue.
There you choose optimal defaults, but before you press 'write into CMOS and boot' you put in your 1000Gig drive into slot 2.
After booting you have a running 1000 gig drive.
Now put in 1000 gig drives into slot 3 and 4. After sycronisation of all theese drives shutdown the server and put drive 2 into slot 1 and the 4th gig drive into slot 2. After the booting process you have a 4TB machine.

(Sorry my English is a 'happy bavarian stammer English" as my teacher sayed 30 years ago ..)

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