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Default Re: Anyone have a Snap 520? Upgraded it?


I know that I'm alone here, but just in case someone find that forum and look for some information about internal upgrade of SNAP 520:

The first think is: you have to get a minimum of GOS 5.2 or earlier. I buy it with one year service at overland. To purchasing the GOS 6.5.023 your can also resolve two issue:

1- Capacity to get an upgrade at 8tb or 12 tb internal (need GOS 6.5.023)

2- Running your SNAP520 (mayby other Overland model) with Windows server 2008 R2 as domain controler and DHCP server.

How to do:

1- Transfert all of your data somewhere, the snap need to be empty to do the job

2- Upgrade GOS

3- kill the RAID, desactivate Snapshot, Desactivate emergency recovery

4- Shut down the SNAP

5- In front of your SNAP, left to right you see the drive 1-2-3-4; pull out the disk 2-3-4

6- Boot the snap, let it run 30 minutes (60 to be sur)

7- Shut it down

8- Fill the bay #2 with a 2tb (3tb) drive

9- Boot the Snap and let it run 30 minutes (60 to be sur)

10- Shut it down. Then remove the drive in the bay #1. take the drive out from the
bay #2 and put it into the bay #1

11- Boot the Sanp, let it run 30 minutes (60 to be sur)

12- Shut down the Snap, fill bay #2-#3-#4 with 2tb (3tb) drive

13- Boot the snap, mount the RAID let it run for 1 day (need to synchronise).

14- ENJOY your 8tb (12tb) 1u rack-mount server at low cost

*****The 3 tb are not enough reliable right now to use into a server*****

*****I recommand to use a minimum of Black Label WD or equivalent in seegate, toshiba, Hitachi. I remember you, your running a data server you don't want to lose your data to save a couple of box*****
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