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Default Re: Guardian OS units

Originally Posted by kearmith View Post

4x 250 gb (1 tb) GOS 4.4
4x 250 gb (1tb) GOS 5.2 (on the way)
4x 500 gb (2 tb) GOS 4.1

We are running two SNAP 520 with an internal 8tb

There also working well with Windows server 2008 R2

IT's a really great thing to get the last GOS version (6.5.023) form OEVRLAND

If your running with a minimum of serious a room server, you have to get it.

Right now we are running two IBM X3250 as domain controler and DHCP server in redundancy. We are also running two SNAP 520 8tb internal in redundancy as archive. We are still using an old libray tape back uk off 200gb

The cost of the UPGRADE of our entire server room was under 10 000$ (IBM server, drive for Snap, Licences) where quiet for a couple of year at really low cost!
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