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Default Project:Blue Typhoon

The case for my PC is a black and silver tower. The basic theme is black,silver and blue with "an industrial look" - lots of chrome fan grills,dome nuts ect.

Here is a list of what I plan to do.(This might change as things progress.)

1)Mount a window in the side panel and mount a 120mm blue led fan in the centre of the window. A 30cm Blue CCFL is mounted on the side of the window.

2)Mount a hdd cooler to my main SATA drive and paint it blue.

3)Use a hdd cooler, paint and modify it to be a Gpu cooler.

4)Make and mount piece of blue perspex in place of the two open 5.25" drive plates.On this plate will be mounted 3 x 40 mm fans painted blue with chrome fan grills.There will alo be 6 x dpdt toggle switches which will constitute my fan control unit. Six dual colour led's will be used to indicate 7v or 12v on the selected fan.

5)A bay converter will be mounted in the drive bay behind the fans to cool and house hdd 2.

6)Another piece of perspex will be mounted in place of the two stiffy drive plates.This will hold 2x40 mm fans to cool my 3rd hdd.

7)Design and make a PCB for my Fan Control setup.

8)Design and make a PCB for my Power Bus.

9)Add 80mm blue led fans to the front and rear panels in a push pull setup.

10)Make blue and chrome case thumb screws from motorcar aluminum valve caps.(color to be decided)

11)Upgrade my power supply from 350w to 550 w and swop the stock fan for a 120mm blue led fan.

12)Cut a hole in the top of my case and mount a 120mm blue led fan and chrome grill under the handle.(This will be only be done after monitering temps. after everything else is done and extra cooling is needed.

13)My optical drives activity led's will be swopped for blue one's and blue led's will be mounted inside the drives to be seen when drive draw opens.

14)Swop the green and red led's in k/board and mouse for blue one's.

to be continued

Here is my case before any mods.It is an Esquire EPC-8103.

This is my case straight out of the box - no mods.
Case 1

Case 2

Case 3

Part 1

Here the aim was to add a clear plexi window into the side panel,and the mount a 120mm blue led fan in the centre of the window.The window is mounted using 6mm screws and chrome dome nuts,rubber u-channel is used to edge the cutout.

Knowing pitfalls of working with plexi I bought 2 pieces of plexi.TRUE to form when drilling the last 6.5mm hole a piece brock out - so back to square one.The second window whent much better ..... until....while mounting it to the side panel it got caught on the thread of one of the screws and as I tightened the nut the plexi cracked ,not my day.

I finished mounting it and the 30CM CCFL onthe side,it will have to be redone when I get more plexi.
PART 1 1



A fairly easy one this.I painted the cooler frame blue cut off the 4 pin molex thru connector and extended the wires.I added a 2 pin connector to plug into the fan controller.

PART 2 1

PART 2 2

PART 2 3


Almost a repeat of PART 2 except the cooler frame is mounted on a PCI plate.

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