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Default Does anyone at Cooltechnica read emails?

Hey folks

Does anyone have any experience ordering from I've had an order pending for almost a month due to the unavailability of a part. Thats cool and all, but since I'm in Taiwan, I've sent a few emails asking for a quote on shipping charges from the states and also added a few more items to the order . I specifically asked that someone reply so I can be sure my emails are actually getting through so I can pay up any differences on the new stuff in the order. So far no reply. I'm sure Bruce is busy and all, or has gone on vacation again (like in the other thread on the forum). I'm sure Cooltechnica is a reputable vendor, but I just need a sign of life from someone working there!

I've already been billed by paypal for my original order and my credit card payment is due in a couple of days. Am I asking for too much? I just need the slightest sign of life that someone there is looking after my order. :shrug:
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