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I seem to be having the same problems, no Email replies.
I don't feel like paying before i get some shipping questions answered.
I live ouside of the US and when filling out the order form, the only option available is UPS Worldwide Express - which is too expensive.
While under the Policies information it clearly states that "Unless otherwise noted all international shipments will be made via FedEx International Priority or Economy. " - both of which are cheaper.

Has anybody outside of the US managed to order from them using one of thier shipping options listed in their policies?

Shipping options have been rectified on the site....- but still no reply to emails.
I went a head and ordered....then got an "automatic Email response" from them...
I hope this order becomes successful...Despite the silence.

Well i got an answer from this point i have to say their customer service is superb....two thumbs up.
Still i had a hell of a time trying to put my order in.

--Update--- 17/02/2005
My package was sent via U.S.P.S. Global Airmail Parcel Post, Registered and insured - this was on the 26/01/2005.
It Finally arrived! (over 20 days - guess USPS - isn't a great option).
Again must say the customer service is superb. - will buy from them again.


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