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Looks good...I think you have a lot more room for more stuff to fit in there...
my case has almost no room left... but i will fond the place to add more... somehow
quick question
what is a "droop mod"? you have that in your signature...
lol yes, I do have more room, but after I put in the 2 raptors I won't be able to put in anything else and still keep the "look" I want.
It's known that over 1.6 volts up to 1.7 volts, the Asus boards greatly under volts which leads to instability (voltage droops). For example at 1.65v under load (prime95) it would drop to 1.52v Now I have a more stable vcore and can O/C higher.

I have seen better looking ones but this one works for me well
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