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Originally Posted by pHaestus
In MY opinion, the solution is to produce C/W vs flow data and dP vs flow data for waterblocks and a few common radiator/fan combos. Then to use that data along with the other components in the loop and the pump P-Q curves to predict a final C/W for the system. That is what groth was going for here:

The interface would have to be simplified a lot and it's awaiting my dP vs flow data...

It's waiting on my dP vs flow numbers to be generated; that's next up after this Alphacool nexxos XP review is done
I think we tried to do same thing in different way...

you can found my solution (version alpha) here (in french). I stopped development cause I miss data to put into my db...

you can define your loop with some tubing, radiator and waterblock, in series or what you want, you just need to drag elements where you want on the loop and see results...

You need the JVM from SUN and not the JVM from microsoft to use it. You could see some difference from your results because I probably haven't the same data of you (very few data in fact) but they should be minim.

In my dream I hoped to add some C/W data to do a prediction of performences, but I miss drop pressure data, so I don't imagine having enough C/W data... :shrug:
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