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Check this out, it's a review of that cpufx crap water cooler, but it shows the detail of the 12v pump design in detail (also based around a 12v fan motor)
Very detailed review; but unfortunately we all know that "optimal" is a word the designers of that crap don't know at all.

GRRRRR, Looking at that makes me anger, how people with all that manufacturing resources can waste them in such way!

Do the vanes cross over in the middle or are they around the edge only like a centrifugal fan?, I'd guess they have a hollow space in the middle...
Did'nt understand what are you saying

I seriously doubt this will have the power/torque needed nico. The one way action with an offset outlet does'nt make that much difference. You'd need a 20watt+ fan to start with I recon
This is only a test, I'm not trying to build a high performance systen arround this. But I hope this pump can perform similar to an eheim 1046.

But your epoxy work is the Bogs Dollox!

My interest is to get the highest head possible from this pump, that makes me think in iwaki pumps. They come in two types, high flow or high head; I guess the difference is only in the impeller.

Volenti, have you looked at your iwaki's guts? maybe is time to open it for some cleaning
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