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Default Re: Guardian OS units

The guardian OS on hot swap treats the drives as failed and auto rebuilds the array. Cold swaping only transfers the OS.

You were in RAID 5 config so it treated it as a failed drive. If your going to upgrade the OS, now is a great time to do it. So you can have a clean install through the recovery console.

You need to break the array down to single disk, disable any AV or snap shots prior to this. Since you already have an os on the new 500g drives you will need to erase (quick is fine using the utility that came with the HD) the all but drive1.

Remove all drives except drive 1
Power down and install a new (clean) HD in drive 2, reboot.
Watch the leds on drive 2, once the units is up and the os has been copied to it (approx 5-7min), power back down and remove drive 1 (orig). You can use the admin gui to confirm if you like. It only takes <30sec to transfter the OS.
Move drive 2 to 1 and reboot.
Now if drive 1 was a 500gig you will need to erase it too. Not required but makes life easier.
Once the unit is up you can now hot swap the remaining drives (2-4) and setup your array.

I hope this helps you. You really need to upgrade the OS to V4. If you are going to do that, just force the unit in to recovery mode and do a clean install from there.
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Link to SnapOS FAQ's
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