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Default Re: Final Peltier Setup, Suggestions Anyone?

Okay, I think I'm going with the Swiftech MCP350 (DDC Ultra) and adding the Radiical pump head.

For the tubing, I was considering using 7/16'' before versus the 1/2'' because of the added benefits. But I was afraid of compatibility issues, so now, since those have been settled, I'll go with the 7/16''.

I'll go with the MAZE-4 w/ the brass top and the neoprene. As for the conformal coating and dielectric grease, those can be bought from Dangerden store as you mentioned.

I'm still a toss up for t-line/reservoir but leaning toward a t-line. I can't use a drive bay res. because I wont have any spare drive bays. I have 5 drive bays in my case. Two are used by my DVD drives, 2 will be used by my Meanwell SE-600-12 PSU and the last will be used by my radiator. So, I'm pretty sure I'll have to use a t-line.

I'll undervolt the Yates anyways. I'm not sure what that will do for peformance, what do you think? It'll be on a 7V channel. Do you think the lower CFM will stil be adequate for cooling? Or do you think I should get the Papst fans?
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