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Default Re: First w/c setup - Please help!

Just wandered in here and noticed this post (I come by here very irregularly nowadays). I'm on my second silent watercooled system now - first one is the first post in the silent section of this forum.

For pumps, I've been running a Laing DDC for some years now, and so far as I can tell it's inaudible.

Electronics usually work fine after a drenching if you dry them out properly. I had a hose come off when I built my first WC system (1/2" tubing on old-style 1/2" Danger-Den barbs - never again, they were NOT secure IMHO). Properly dried out everything worked fine.

Some air flow over the motherboard is usually enough to keep the memory, northbridge, etc. cool - it is rarely worth trying to cool unless you're going for a fanless system.
Graphics cards seem to overclock very happily when watercooled - largely due I suspect to just how bad the stock coolers are (restricted air paths).

Some pumps (Laing DDC I know about, probably others) give a fan-type signal when they're turning to the motherboard - this is probably as good as a flow meter for your purposes, and doesn't add an additional restriction to the loop.

For 1/2" ID tubing you really want to use 5/8" barbs to ensure a good tight fit (when I've used 1/2" barbs with it, they always felt wrong. Unfortunately, you can only get these for 3/8" BSP threads - which very little comes with nowadays. Unless you're prepared to drill and tap your own threads (actually very easy into Delrin - I've done two this evening) then you're probably better off using 7/16" tubing and 1/2" barbs.

PTFE tape goes on the screw thread, not the bit of the barb that goes into the tube.
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