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1 Big Loop VS 2 Loops?

Here is what I have. Laing DDC DDCT-01s pump, EK-RES250 reservoir and Thermochill Pa 120.2 Dual 120MM and Thermochill Pa 120.3 Dual 120MM connecting:

Res => Pump =>CPU => 8800GTX => 8800GTX => Rad 120.3 => Rad 120.2 =>Res.

Now that I'm upgrading my Board and CPU, I thought EK-Bay Spin Reservoir would look cool in front bay. I've 2 of these Laing DDC DDCT pumps (petra tech's). What should I do to utilize this EK bay res and pump (not necessarily both, but one if is enough like it is now). Since EK-Bay Spin has three outlet, I was thinking atleast using to outlets straight like


Reservoir Out1 => CPU => Rad 120.2 =>Res

Reservoir Out2 => GPU => GPU = Rad 120.3 =>Res

or should keep it same as before and keep 2 other outlets blocked?

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