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Default Dual Pentium III Combos (many) S370 + Slot 1, Two S775 Boards

I think if I set things up better maybe these will go faster. I'll try and provide as much info as possible, there is some nice stuff here.

Item #1, Intel Server Board STL2 /w 2x Pentium III 800 MHz CPUs & Copper heatsinks Qty: 3
CPU info: 800/256/133/1.75V

Intel Link

Included in this combo:
Intel STL2 Motherboard
- IO Shield
- Resource CD
- Sleeved Floppy Cable
- Sleeved IDE Cable
- SCSI Cable
2x Intel Pentium III 800 MHz CPUs
2x Copper Heatsinks for S370 / Socket A

Price: $25 per combo
$20 for just the board on Link
$22 for just one heatsink on Link
$6.50 for just one CPU on Link

That would be over $70, I'm only asking $25 per combo.

If you want RAM, see my thread here:
Or PM me, I have some PC133 and would probably throw it in for free.
Item #2, Asus P2B-DS /w 2x Pentium III 750 MHz CPUs + Sound, Video and Ethernet Qty: 1
CPU info: 750/256/1.65V

Article written by a user of this board
A page with some good info

Included in this combo:
Asus P2B-DS Motherboard
2x Intel Pentium III 750 MHz CPUs
Vanta/TNT2M64 AGP Video Card
Sound Blaster Live! PCI Sound Card
Intel Based PCI Ethernet Card

Price: $25
Great OCing board, CPUs Pre OC'd to 840 MHz. Lost of fun to be had.
Item #3, Abit BP6 Dual PPGA Celeron Board /w Celeron 366 or 433 Qty: 1

Resources: - A website dedicated to this awesome board
Firing Squad Review
PC Stats Review
Article by Joe ( featuring this board from 2000

Included in this combo:
Abit BP6 Motherboard
Your choice of either a Celeron 366 or 433. The 366 has a water block JB welded to the slug.
A SB Live if I can find one and if requested
A network card if requested

Price: $25
A rare and awesome board in my opinion...
Item #4, Intel Entry Server Board SE7230NH1-E (Socket 775) Qty: 1

Intel Link

Included in this combo:

Price: $10
I've also got 2x 512 MB of DDR 2 for either 775 board. $10

Item #5, Asus "D33005" HP Pull (Socket 775) Qty: 1

Included in this combo:
Asus D33005 Motherboard

Price: $10
Item #6, Dell PERC 3 DCL Qty: 1

Included in this combo:
Perc 3 DCL
SCSI Cable if I have one and if requested

Price: $8

Have some fun with your SCSI disks and setup a RAID, this seems like a great card!
If you want a bare Intel STL2 board, I have one extra and will sell it for $10.
If you want a Pentium III 800, I have six extra and will sell them for $2 each. See top left corner of item #1 for a picture.

If you want RAM, please visit my thread in the storage and memory section.
If you need a hard drive, please visit my thread in the storage and memory section.

If you have any questions, please ask them.
If you would like to make an offer, please do so.

Payments will be accepted by money order or via paypal. Money order preferred.
Shipping not included in prices.

--- About the RAM link, that's to the classifides which you need to be a member of to see. I just copied my post from there and posted it here. Just ask and I'll get you some ram for a couple bucks if you want a combo.
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