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Default Re: Dual Pentium III Combos (many) S370 + Slot 1, Two S775 Boards

I see. The board you're interested in appears to be just fine, when I received it I popped in a Pentium 4 3 GHz CPU and two 512 MB sticks of DDR RAM and it posted at the BIOS screen just fine without error messages. The only places I've shipped before outside of the continental US are Hawaii and Canada. How will you be paying me? Can you send a money order in USD that I can cash here or would you have to use paypal? If you could guess the shipping cost, that would be helpful. The board will be protected with an anti-static bag and wrapped in foam, then put into the smallest box I can find to make shipping costs minimal. My zip code is 03303 in the US if you want to try and guess on shipping.
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