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Brad> For the moment this is only pressure, turbulence, speed that are computed. I do not still have to realize the coupling between temperature and other parameters because it's much more complicated . But with speed design we can we can have an idea of the losses of loads in the design because where the water speed is weak means many losses of load. The water go rather where it is the least in charge.

Pictures below show examples of turbulence in a maze2, speed and trajectory of a particle into the maze. Flow rate is always 10L/min.




In the first post picture 2 and 3 are made about the same block design here :

So the red color show us that water passes more above fins near inlet and outlet because less load..

EMC2 > I see that you know a little about CFD. Thank you for the more precise explanations for the others . I have some problems with technical terms (english isn't easy to learn )
For the moment I use COSMOS Designstar with Flow module. But I work about new studies with the best software of CFD which exists : I talk about Fluent 6 but it's much more complicated than COSMOS . Have you already done some similar studies???

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