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This is the drill I have, all I ever drilled for wc I drilled on this. The drill was 54 Euro, and the vice was 13.5 Euro. The vice is bolted for the drill table with two bolts. What I do is, clamp the copper tight into the vice, than unscrew a little bolts holding the vice to the drill table, so I can move entire vice forwards/backwards with some force. When drilling I just hold the vice steady while positioning the drill bit over the starting hole, than drill and position the bit over the next starting hole. This way I manage to drill one entire column of holes in the square pattern, then turn off the drill, unclamp the copper and position it for the next column. Similar to that I did when drilling the circular pattern.

It would be surely much better having the xy table and everything clamped tight (it would be more precise and less dangerous ) but this is the way I do it without (for now, hehe) xy table.

I hope I explained it good enough, if you didn't understand I'll try to explain it better.

i am on the brink of going down the same road.
Glad to hear that!!!

I'll keep posting to give you some final 'push'

pic of the drill:
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