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Originally posted by bigben2k
I disagree.

I think that the original idea of the counterflow is valid, but the area where the flows meet should be pretty small, and I'm referring to a ~5mm slit in the center wall.

The pump is definitely going to be critical, along with the flow velocity within the block. The channel size should be minimized for the CPU die area (in width), then minimized for what the pump can handle (in height).

The only issue I see is that the pins might not allow enough heat to travel from the baseplate, which is going to remain the hottest part, and none of the flow configurations (nor the whole design, as a matter of fact) mentionned here addresses that. This should be compensated by either a lot of small pins, or fins.
Lets number the top view pics like so.

Im going to have to make a mock up, and see for myself BEN

I thought of that as soon as I seen the design, but that would negate the effect he's looking for by having flow travel in opposite directions at the same time, and essentially just be a maze design in effect.

But then again, I could be wrong..................
We shall see......
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GOt H20 ?

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