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That was sort of the odd thing when I heard Panworlds numbers. According to those who have used them they seem to be exceptionally dependable pumps. As stated many times by people in this thread the MTBF numbers are pretty much conjectures and extrapolations. As such one company may claim X MTBF while another decides to play it safe and claim X-20% MTBF because when all is said and done....its not a proven number.

By reputation I believe they are both good durable brands depending of course on which pump you select. Panworld did indeed run into some problems with their original 600 series due to the pump not being designed for the type loads and stress that watercooling setups put on it. They have since the original run changed the bearings setup in their 600 series and its supposed to be rock solid now.

I think the 'larger' Panworld pumps are supposed to be exactly or near exactly as dependable as Iwaki pumps. In short they have quality written all over them.

The Laing lines seem to have had quite a bit of success as well. Once again a quality pump company.

Bottom line being I think when it comes to durability they are very close to being a wash. It really boils down to which you would prefer according to their numbers. Both the distributors and manufacturer reps I have talked to for Laing and Panworld have stated they are extremely interested in the watercooling market and as such plan on backing their products to the hilt.
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