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Originally Posted by dacooltech
Yea right, a company is going to spend thousands of $s 'fixing' a problem on a product and then they're going to stop buying it.
This is not necessarily absurd behavior.
I'm pretty sure we've all gone through the stage of having had an old / high maintenance vehicle - and that at some point we stopped throwing money at it, even though we'd already spent lots.
Business-wise, I've been in this situation in the software world (particularly around purchased source code). Sometimes, even though you have the source and your development team has spent hundreds of hours fixing it, it's still a rational decision to decide that this code is simply a specification and re-coding from scratch is the long-term best choice (the stuff has to work and not just in "typical" situations).

I am not saying that Swiftech dropped these pumps for that reason (I have no idea what really happened), but that it's not inherently stupid business behavior.
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