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Which code are you using and how small do you want your capillaries?

Originally Posted by Cathar
|kbn|. In a standard water-loop copper/brass/silver are basically galvanically unreactive with each other. The silver->brass difference is pushing it somewhat, but it is basically safe for long periods (many months -> years). At least that's what I've been able to ascertain on-line, and having run a copper/silver/brass loop totally unprotected in terms of corrosion inhibitor for about 6 months now the silver has only just started to develop a mild discoloring, which is about the sort of reaction level I would have expected.

The XXX blocks I only intend to make in silver for the bases. Am giving very serious thought to putting copper tops on them though just for strength as I don't really want to risk another repeat of a bad polycarb batch resulting in cracking tops. This would also allow the block to be thinner, as in 16mm high instead of the current 20mm.

Am giving serious thought to calling such blocks "Cascade XS", and dropping the XXX code-name moniker.
Which finite element code are you running? ANSYS? or NASTRAN? OR ? and have you considered using self assembled or lithographically etched tubes?
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