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Originally Posted by unregistered
jesus christ, I handle all warranty claims for pumps
I do suspect that Swiftech has sold many more thousands of these Rev.2 pumps than Cooltechnia (probably ever will)

re-read my posts
WTF Bill. what the hell do you think you're doing?

How the F do you know how many pumps Cooltechnica sells? What are you, our CPA?
I can tell you exactly how many pumps Swiftech sold, and how many blue pumps Pan World is left with. Is it what you want?

somewhat different experience than ours with the same Rev.2,
granted we have a much larger number of pumps in service (several thousands)
while we have not been selling the MCP600 for some months, I still get 1 or 2 every month of the Rev.2
(8 in the box now since the last shipment to Chris)

the failures are perplexing; most are dead while others (~50%) develop an intermittent run/erratic start problem
this situation has existed from the start and despite MANY discussions remained unresolved
- perhaps they have improved since we stopped buying ??
Cut the crap Bill will ya? Swiftech didn't stop buying the pump due to reliability concerns, but you lost the deal due to other reasons which -unlike you- my business ethics won't let me spell it out here.

If people have problems with a product as always they don't keep it to themselves and will post it on the forums.

and many thousands of $s 'fixing' a problem not apparent initially,
lessons in prudence re pump selection
Yea right, a company is going to spend thousands of $s 'fixing' a problem on a product and then they're going to stop buying it. who do you think you're fooling Bill? You should run for president.

Geez, what's this?
F this man. I won't let Cooltechnica offering a freakin' single Swiftech product again.

Can anyone remind Bill that ProForums is not SwiftechForums, and pimping or vendors bashing other vendors' products is not allowed.
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