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Default Re: SnapServer 210 - COMPLETE OS reinstallation?

I can tell you it will break any RAID 5 you have and we all know what happens to your data when you break RAID 5 right? The information right on the Recovery Console page says it will wipe your data and settings. My experience says it aint lieing.

Honestly, I have never tried it with a RAID 0 or 1. I can't see it doing anything else in a RAID 0 as it did with RAID 5, but who knows with RAID 1. I never tried because I never cared (hey, at least I am honest). But my guess is, that will go bye bye too. Keep in mind, it resets all server settings too...

As a side note, I don't think I would try this long distance. You may not get connected at various stages in the process. IMO, this is a DO IT LOCAL kinda thing.

P.S. David, stop givng away my secrets. You are going to put me out of business! LOL
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