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Default Re: SnapServer 210 - COMPLETE OS reinstallation?

Originally Posted by Phoenix32 View Post
Can you be more descriptive? Just saying it was unsuccessful doesn't tell us much of anything. That and what GOS it has and what GOS you "found" etc?

Those are the steps. If something went wrong, then something is wrong with your hardware or GOS file.
I'm telling you exactly what it told me. It went through the motions of upload via choosing Fresh Install. It seem to get some distance and then it stated it was unsuccessful.
I don't know what the current version of GOS is on it. I never used it at work nor installed it. I just found it on a shelf not being used. That screenshot I submitted is the only screen I've seen when going to the web console. The manual I found for the hardware indicates GOS 5.2 so I assume 5.2 is installed. The GOS version I tried installing was 4.4.
It could be I have a bad hard drive in it. I'm getting to the point where I may just pull it apart, run some disk utilities on the hard drives to see their condition and whichever is good just installing them in an old PC I have lying around with some other hard drives and install FreeNAS.
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