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How cheap was It?
I just bought Me an inline or submersible 200Gph continuous duty pump for ($14.00+1.12+8.00 or) $23.12 on ebay and Yes I asked the questions on whether It was an Inline pump or what. And as to tubing on both ends, and Yes It's an AC pump.

# 3.00"L x 1.75"W x 2.50"H
# Flow rate is adjustable - 0 to 200 GPH.

Now I need to get a PCI relay card and some water blocks (Maze3 SHD maybe?, I'm tired of bolting the cpu socket down with pliers, too tight an area, Both inside the case and around the socket, That may be why AMD omitted It from the specs recently) for the cpu, gpu and nb/sb chipset water blocks (I have holes for the chipset in the motherboard built in).
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