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Originally posted by LiquidRulez
Tell that to the WW..

For Jaydee to add another channel, that is deeper would only serve to diminish the performance I think.....

the water will ALWAYS take the path of least resistance. Whether it be less resistance from length,width,or depth, it doesnt know the difference.
EDIT...........Oops. .....I misread what you said there Jfettig.

Though I will agree that he needs to open up those channels more.........Not necessarily deeper though.

What hes got going now, is simply amazing, considering the low amount of flow he has going through it.

I think he's on the right path with his train of "tweaking" thoughts.

Not to be snide or anything Jfettig...but do you have any practically applicable info based on designing,building and testing of a simular block or any blocks that youve made, that have done better than his block, (with such low flow.. dont forget), to base your suggestion on??
Just curious..

Jam up job there Jaydee

JD...remind me again, what MB your taking your temps from?
I have done a heck of a lot more making/testing/designing than anyone knows. I have... 3 waterblocks right now that are doing pretty sweet, one in aluminum that is outperforming a maze3(ACURATE TESTING) and another block to test(nothing special but got bored one day)

I have been doing a little cfd stuff too, just a small amount. I plan on doing more.
and the one thats outperforming the maze3, I dont have it optimizzed at all, neither jet nor the internals, I am still working on that, and getting the time and funds to make a newer copper one. I still have to pop it in my computer with a different jet to see what happens.

To make these channels 1/2inch wide means that jaydee hopes that the heat trancefers straight thru the copper, strait thru the other side to be picked up, but it doesnt, It spreads a little bit, so he has heat being built up on the sides, or heat that isnt being picked up.

Also, the heat wants to go farther than he is letting it by having such a thin base/channels, the heat, if it could would go up fins 2-3x that high wich would mean better cooling.

Jaydee, If you would let me suggest something, I would suggest you get some slitting saws or something, Mill those channels in some 1/4 copper, same depth, then cut down in the bottoms of them so its the same base thickness, and add another channel to the other side, I can gaurentee itll woop the one you have right now.

I dont know how much Information I should give out for free I dont want anyone making a waterblock thatll beat mine

Maybe Ill make a similar one with my tools when I get around to it. I can make .05" channels and make them angled at the tops...

basicly a WW clone, with a better jet, and coned tops where the water inlet is.

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