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Originally Posted by DeadEye
Anyone know any cheap copper suppliers in the UK ?
Not particually cheap, as you will see here:

Vat and delivery (it did wieght about 2kg!) make up most of it.... - for those in US, thats about $55

The finnish isnt tooo great either, this is what that invioce was for: Copper for my cpu and nb blocks. Top for gpu block - the silver base I had made already Copper for my mosfet block for nf7-s

Big peices from there tend to be old and tarnished, brasso wont help much, but the smaller peices are newer and shiny still, which shows that they sell a lot more of the smaller copper.. which isnt suprising...

Next time I will try which I what my dad used to
use at work, its probably a lot cheaper.

I have also looked at a company aalco i think thats there name anyway, they sell copper a lot cheaper than MOTW but have huuuuuge min orders, the people here will mills should be able to take advantage of that, but I wont be cutting up 4 meters of 1/2" thick copper into little blocks with only a hacksaw and a dremmel....
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