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Default Re: Upgrading From SAS drives to SATA Drives

Hello Phoenix,

I just knew I would get my first response from your kind self.

In terms of HDD space it is actually upgrading... - having SAS drives will not effect the intended use of my 550 one iota.

In terms of being helpful and answering the questions I put forward, your response is basically irrelevant.

None the less; that is exactly why we love you so much...

Normally I would prefer not to mention it but I cannot hold myself back... you even managed a shameless sales pitch for the S50 you are trying to flog... which, as a salesperson, I find innovative and commendable.

There is a classified section on this forum specifically for selling I do recall, I trust you have it listed there also? - I'm keen but what's the freight cost to Australia for a loaded S50 I wonder, can you send me the dimensions and the weight?

You could put it in a roadies case and mix it in with Lady GaGa's band's freight on the next tour, I think it is in 10 weeks or so... My cousin works at Sydney Airport he will fish it out of her freight when it lands, yep its easy to ID the plane, its the one with the Gold-glittery Bra on it!...

Anyways if anyone can assist with my questions, in summary;
  • Has anyone done this kind of upgrade in the past?
  • Will SATA Drives work connected to the SAS HBA?
  • In a 520 is the SAS Cable connecting to the Motherboard?

Many thanks in advance....

BTW... Phoenix
I'm coming over to the east coast of the US for work, I have business to attend to in Seattle.
Yes the AUS Gov actually Gave me a Passport! (The Sydney Olympics "Incident" in 2000 must have finally been forgiven or forgotten?).... Not sure how I will go with my US Visa though...
But if I get the OK Phoenix, My Boss said it is fine and I told him I have a mate that lives near Seattle, so I'm coming to stay at your place! it's only a couple of hundred clicks (Kilometers) away! - and it looks like a lovely town on google maps too....

Unless anyone else here lives a little closer to Seattle that is.... but don't worry Phoenix we can both still come and visit you on one of my days off....

I just noticed the name of that emoticon its called a "hammer tard" - Love it!!!

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