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Things going very slowly on the project. Im getting married and buying a house - but I will not forget about this, its my big fun!

-- on a nother note --

Accidental Update:

Shut the fans down to blow the case out with some canned air for cleaning (I smoke too damn much, that's what... dust... ick.) I'll be glad when Im married and can't smoke in the house - machines will stay cleaner..

I cleaned it out, all was good. Decided to go take a shower before nip/tuck came on. Looked at houses. Looked for ministers for the wedding online...

All of a sudden the box starts making a hell of a lot of noise, the fans kick up to 100% (the bios QFAN warning trip on the CPU was set to 55*C). I look and realize what I had done. I had never turned speedfans automatic fan control back on after I had turned the fans down to 0% each.


I immediatly check temps:
CPU: 55*C
Water: 37*C (HOLY SHIT!!)

Turned automatic control back on. temps slowly down. About 5 minutes later:
CPU: 46*C (this in reality means 34, damn IC7 is off by 12*C!!)
Water: 28*C
1 hour at passive and this system was solid, given, it was only web surfing, but still that's damn good. 28*C to 25*C is nominal water temp on this rig. Fans run at near silent until the water temp hits 30, then throttle up accordingly.

And now as I finish this, temps are back down to normal. 42, 27*C on CPU, water.

Nuts. Crazy. AWESOME!
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