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Thanks a lot man!
Well, turkey day (at 1:50AM my time) update. I'll be hitting black friday like a mad man and goliath will get a few presents... a pair (or possibly 3) of 19" LCDs. Word.

So here's the update... I was at grandma's house earlier today and its been a long day that was full of food, and made me very tired. I drake lots of caffiene on the way home, leading to sleep deprived goofyness: my most creative mood! I capitalized on this by doing up the window design for goliath, something inspired by the Nip/Tuck Opening credits. More on the credits (and the entire sequence) available here.

Anyway, the simulation imho doesn't do justice on the future Carbon Blue Metallic paint job... I'm not sure how to model that in photoshop. Anyway, here's the concept:

Goliath: 3.4E@3.91/Abit IC7, Maze4 (temporarily) + custom splitter to crazy 4-way watercooling parallel loop: X800XT @ 520/1280 + AC Twinplex, AC Twinplex Northbridge, Silenstar Dual HDD Cooler, Eheim1250, '85 econoline van HC + 2x120, 1x120 exhaust - polished aluminum frame panaflo L1As, 2x18GB 10K RPM U160 SCSI, 4GB PC4000.

I wanna be BladeRunner when I grow up!

Project Goliath - nearing completion.
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