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80% done on the front ports: 2 usb, 2 firewire (1 mini, 1 normal) and 2 headphone jacks (1 front port, 1 rear port) (not installed yet).

The process:
- take slot cover template that the ports came out of and mark their outlines on the bay cover (which screws in, sweet)
- mark holes for headphone jacks
- make sure everything is centered nicely
- cut with a dremel
- take existing ports
- cut in half
- solder in an additional 12" of wire
- seal up solder
- sleeve it.

Whats left:
- Have bracket powdercoated, will be done when i have enough stuff to be taken to Nittany Powdercoating. small run <> cost effective.
- buy headphone jacks
- install and wire up headphone jacks

Bracket with wires fed in the back. Will still need to be painted.

Wires coming out the back mobo side as I'm feeding them.

Plug them into my mobo (with fiber gigabit card beneath!)

.. and i'm not taking that card out to photograph the firewire connectors!

Installed and ready to rock. (works great, all solder joints solid and valid)
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