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I can't help but feel some of Roscal's comments were directed my way. Even if they weren't, I feel that I should explain my motivations.

As always, I view my goals as that of obtaining the highest possible cooling performance from a waterblock design. That is pretty much all that concerns me, and pursuit of the Storm/G7 with a "hang the cost" approach is pretty much evidence of that.

Where I get concerned with all of this, is that I just want to see waterblock design pushed forwards, not backwards. The Apogee is a well thought out design with a lot of merits, of that there is no doubt. It suits Swiftech's marketing goals to a tee, and that's always a good thing for Swiftech.

I guess that my main concern is that one design is not being passed over or shelved on the merits of test data from an individual testbed in which the heat die temperature is not known, the variations in effects between heat-die and IHS TIM layer interaction is not known, and the size of the heat die is not known. To put in so much effort, and to have one's work effectively dismissed or sold short based on the results from a testbed where so little is known about what is actually happening at the CPU/heater-die level, just makes me feel no small amount of chagrin. If I felt that there were no doubts, then I would be a lot happier to suck it up, roll my sleeves up, and try harder.

I guess I could some it all up as feeling like the designer of Betamax in a VHS world.
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